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Error - Can not see our website, are you down ?

We need to protect our systems and network. Malware, hackers, viruses; the list of potential problems seems endless. It is an ongoing battle every day that we have to do automatically. Therefor we have a wide range of systems in place like firewalls.

Sometimes your behavior will trigger our systems and looks at your visit as a potential hack or tread. If you try to login 15 times in 1 minute using the wrong password, is that a normal mistake or an attack? An automated system will not see the difference. It will look at your IP and lock you out. A safe feeling.

All of a sudden "nothing" works anymore. No website, no configuration assistant. And unaware of the many, many wrong login attempts we receive an email "Are you down?" or "is your server off-line?". The answer is simple: no, you just have been banned from our network.

9 Out of 10 times you remember what you did wrong. "I only tried it for a couple of times" ends up being 39 failed login attempts in 2 minutes. Also the "I was just testing some settings" is an excuse we hear a lot, To solve the problem:  request a de-listing of your IP number.

But before you do that, please:
  • check you PC for virus infections or spy-ware
  • always tell us that realy happened, it saves us going over long log-files
  • but most of all: be glad we try to keep the hacker out of our system and your mobile website!

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